On this site you find the fruit of off-hours labor. Some of it has been posted on previous – discontinued – sites, traces of which you still find in references inside various PDF. Free to enjoy.


A cognitive psychologist (John Flach) and an industrial design engineer (Fred) draw from their experiences trying to make technology work for people to reflect on the foundations of Cognitive Science and Product Design, inspired by Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality described in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This book takes the reader on a journey beyond ‘information processing’ and the computer metaphor, toward ‘meaning creation’ as inspired by recent discoveries in dynamics and selforganizing systems, beyond the conventional dichotomy of mind and matter to explore a world of ‘what matters’.  

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Exploring Design thinking. This is the companion to a workshop for industrial Design students on expressive product design, exploring human perception, usability testing and basically following design thinking and lean start-up methodologies. The workshop to which this was a companion basically was a design sprint, from initial ideation up to prototyping, testing and evaluating.

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Research work on applying 3D visualisation through active viewpoint parallax to Medical Surgery / Laparoscopy. This thesis explores the application of the so-called Delft Virtual Window System [DVWS, App. I, Smets 1995b, Overbeeke et al. 1988, using viewpoint parallax to create 3D/provide spatial information] for laparoscopy. The DVWS allows users to explore a remote space by linking the camera motions to the user’s head movements, restoring the perception/action coupling and allowing to pick-up spatial information in a way that is (action related) meaningful to the user. It describes the design of an instrument (i.e. a sort of surgical robot arm) to provide the surgeon with direct control over the laparoscope through head movements. This restored perception/action coupling allows for better spatial awareness.

The working prototype was implemented and successfully tested in a laboratory environment demonstrating the test subjects’/surgeon’s ability to perform spatial manipulation tasks more accurately and without the need of an assistance. Subsequently, the prototype was validated in a practical setting.

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2CV in Papercraft (300+ models to download)

Pixar’s Cars in Papercraft


More cartoons from @Work here

Wooden Toys – to assemble (3Toys.ch)

(slightly) More information found on 3Toys.ch. If you have a laser cutter yourself, you can find some of the patters on Thinginverse. Otherwise, you can always order the complete assembly kits via Etsy. Simply contact me if you do not find what you are looking for.

Cartoons (pdf, free to download)

The Brusino Monster – Part one. A strange sound, disappearing fish, and a network of tunnels and caves leads to an incredible discovery. Based on real events, well the sound and the fish. The Monster still is an unconfirmed rumour.  

Originally, back in 2006, color-printed as small A5 booklet and distributed to the children of the primary school in Brusino Arsizio

The Brusino Monster – Part two. A mysterious bible in the old church of Morcote shows reference to the bruising monster. What is the relation and why is the monk hiding it?  

… more short Cartoons (pdf, free to download)

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New opportunity?

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