2CV Papercraft

Simply select the right shape and colour, and download one of hundreds 2CV papercraft models. In total, there are about 300 models to download, all slightly different in colour and details, originally posted on Brusino.com. You might ask, what drives someone to create such an amount of paper models. Even if they all are similar, they represent a significant amount of invested time.

It all started at the time I was living like a ‘globetrotter’, and traveling a lot for work. Being away from home most of the week, I began to build simple paper-craft models on Saturday morning with my daughter, at the time about 5 years old. Driving a 2CV myself, I searched for a simple model. One, simple enough that we could build it together. This turned out to be difficult. Yes, there are a few paper-craft models of the 2CV which are absolutely beautiful, but far too complex for a five year old. Even I almost gave up. Then there are those that are simple, but probably a bit too simplified. So I designed one myself, keeping it simple but with detail where it counts.

OK, I admit, I went a little overboard. I started with one that was simple yet good enough. Soon a second, AK250 version was born, then one reflecting an early 1950’s version, etc. Before long I produced almost 10 different versions, trying to keep up with the major visible changes as detectable from old brochures and folders. They were still back and white, though. So, the next challenge was colour to apply. Preferably a realistic one. Luckily Cats Citroën pages and the Dutch Ami association listed Citroën-colours, i.e. AC colours grouped by year, which was a good start, although regretfully your average Photoshop has no clue about the AC standard. Together with samples from photos found on various Citroën enthusiast sites (e.g. an DS/ID page, an impressive AMI page, or a Dyane page) resulted in the still growing overview of coloured models.


Any of the 2CV icons in the table below links to a pdf document with a papercraft model. Click to download.

Beige colorado 069            
Beige nevada 074          
Blanc alaska 077          
Beige gazelle 079            
Beige vanneau 083          
Ivoire bolery 084            
Beige tholonet 085          
Gris d’anjou 086          
Beige albatros 087              
Blanc meije 088        
Beige erable 090          
Beige agate 091          
Blanc cygne 093          
Beige antilope 094            
Gris Nacre 095          
Blanc albater 096            
Blanc stellaire 097            
Blanc everest 098            
Gris nocturne 099            
Blanc Paros 102    
Gris sable 104            
Gris ardoise 105          
Gris d’ete 96          
Gris metalise 109               
Gris fonge 118            
Gris clair 132              
Gris kandahar 133          
Champagne 134               
Gris rose 136          
Blanc carrare 144        
Gris typhon 147            
Noir 200      
Jaune calabre 301          
Sombre 302            
Rouge capucine 303          
Jaune jonquille 305          
Ecaille blonde 306            
Jaune panama 307          
Jaune dore 308            
Jaune pastis 310           
Jaune bouton d’or 316          
Paille brulee 317          
Sable metal 318            
Bronze 320          
Jaune promevere 321           
Orange tenere 329              
Jaune cedrat 331             
Jaune cedrat 333          
Cuivre indien 334            
Jaune hellos 336            
Brun ecorce 401            
Brun ecorce 401            
Rouge cinabre 402            
Rouge jonquille 403              
Rouge esterel 408          
Brun isard 414            
Rouge cornaline 419            
Bordeaux 421          
Rouge massena 423        
Rouge de rio 424              
Rouge de grenade 426            
Rouge de soleil 432             
Brun de santal 433          
Rouge geranium 435             
Mandarin 437            
Rouge de castille 442            
Rouge delage 446            
Vert meleze 507          
Vert jura 509          
Vert olive 510            
Jaune absinthe 512          
Vert cactee 513               
Vert tilleul 516          
Vert charmile 522            
Vert iris 523        
Vert muscinee 524            
Vert argente 527          
Vert tuileries 531          
Vert nopal 532          
Vert bamboo 533          
Vert papyrus 536            
Vert jade 539          
Bleu monte-carlo 605          
Beu glacier 606          
Bleu neve 609              
Bleu de provence 612            
Bleu orient 616      
Bleu andalou 623          
Bleu angora 624          
Bleu weekend 625      
Bleu crystal 626            
Bleu mesagne 629            
Beu dabune 630          
Bleu thasos 631          
Bleu platine 632      
Bleu camergue 635               
Bleu grignan 636            
Bleu lagune 639            
Bleu delta 640          
Bleu petrel 643             
Bleu myosotis 645             
Bleu gentaine 646          
Bleu marine 649            
Bleu azurite 650          

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