Inspiration; how are you inspired?

Where’d does inspiration come from? What drives creativity? Invention? How are you inspired? On of my favourite sec

UX Basics

A friend asked if I could perform a UX review of his new software package currently in development, Basics, basically. But sti

Design Thinking & Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas are great tools to be used in the design thinking process. They

Product Design, a Zero-Sum game?

In our digital age, big data, cloud services and the internet of things allows us can do anything, anywhere, anytime. This was

Nurturing product/business ideas

This post collects forms and ideas that I use when pondering product and/or business ideas. See this template. Business Model


Enjoy this short comic exploring ideas about talking while exploring a city. When do we talk, when does talking mean something

Designing to Add Value

Business thrives on added value, but often value add is reviewed as purely monetary gain; the difference between return and in

What I learned from Special Ops

No, I never was in the Special Ops, so no first hand experience. The closest I came to Special Ops was working for a company w

Value Proposition Canvas

I am a great fan of the Strategyzer’s ‘Value Proposition Canvas’, and I often present it in combination with

Business Model Canvas

On many occasions I have been explaining Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, and to do this in a structured, systematic

MVP – Really going from bike to car?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is defined on Wikipedia as follows: “In product development, the minimum viable pro

Our Digital Day

In contemporary life, we are connected constantly, but not all the time in the same way. Our day have turned into a digital d