Business Model Canvas

On many occasions I have been explaining Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, and to do this in a structured, systematic way, I created the attached drawings, clearly inspired by the original book. Hope it helps you to present.

Osterwalder (et al, 2010) have developed a verry effective tool to support reviewing and further developing your business; the Business Model Canvas (BMC); a strategic management template for developing new business models or documenting existing ones. The canvas is a visual overview showing the various components that are important to understand a company’s business model, its value proposition, how value is created, delivered to the customers,􏰖􏰇 and how business is financed. This canvas is simply a great tool. In recent years I have used it on numerous occasions ranging from mass customization projects to developing communication strategies or software development projects. What makes the template􏰉 structured overview of all of the important aspects (building blocks) of a business, and puts them in a form that ‘facilitates description and discussion’. The canvas helps you to maintain a holistic overview, even while focusing on details that span only a few building blocks. Add to that a basic structure of a SWOT analysis and you end up with a generically applicable, yet powerful tool to address all sorts of (business) process modelling challenges. It is designed to help you analyse your situation and discover business structures and opportunities. Read more here.

To start off with, this may be helpful;

Business Model Canvas

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