Makes Sense?

Design Thinking takes you through various phases; after initial empathising with the target user, you formulate an assumption, based on which you ideate, prototype and finally verify your ideas through test, often the start of a new cycle. In Lean Start-up, phases line up but are more focussed on validation; after ideation, you build an MVP with the purpose of collecting data based on which you can learn about the MVP and indirectly about your initial idea. Actually, both are a way of life; you encounter a challenge, collect information or data to validate the situation and plot steps forward. Makes sense?

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in #uidesign and #designthinking – it is #UX that is driving.


Any #design or #designthinking project begins with the observation of an anomaly, a small spark of curiosity


#empathy is fundamental to #designthinking to gain understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. consult experts, observe thoroughly, immerse yourself in the physical environment. Information discovered determines the next steps.


Second phase of the #designthinking process; define the core problem. Not always easy, depending on the amount of information you managed to gather.


#designthinking – you can always go back and collect more information if that helps ideation or getting the big picture. #Agile. Iterate.


#prototype and #test are fundamental to the #designthinking process. This is how you find out if you understood the challenge, this is how you discover new obstacles or opportunities.


#designthinking is a process of continuous learning. Results from the testing phase may reveal insights leading to re-iteration, further Ideation or the creation of complete new ideas and directions.