Value Proposition Canvas

I am a great fan of the Strategyzer’s ‘Value Proposition Canvas’, and I often present it in combination with

Business Model Canvas

On many occasions I have been explaining Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, and to do this in a structured, systematic

MVP – Really going from bike to car?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is defined on Wikipedia as follows: “In product development, the minimum viable pro

Trans-Siberian railway

... there is a large kink in the Trans-Siberian Railway because when the tsar (I don't know which tsar it was because I am not

Horizons of innovation

To drive innovation it would be to integrate looking at market and technological capabilities/business models

My first MVP – from sled to car

Although I have argued it to be an unrealistic depiction, I realise that I once may have gone through the exact process of cre

#2 – Iteratively moving forward

Is design thinking is an iterative process? Have a look at the process flow and descriptions here (Interaction-Design Foundati

#1 – About Design thinking….

We never talk about engineering thinking (just engineering) or scientific thinking (at best maybe the scientific method). So w

Inspiration; how are you inspired?

Where’d does inspiration come from? What drives creativity? Invention? How are you inspired? On of my favourite sec

UX Basics

A friend asked if I could perform a UX review of his new software package currently in development, Basics, basically. But sti

Design Thinking & Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas are great tools to be used in the design thinking process. They

Product Design, a Zero-Sum game?

In our digital age, big data, cloud services and the internet of things allows us can do anything, anywhere, anytime. This was

Nurturing product/business ideas

This post collects forms and ideas that I use when pondering product and/or business ideas. See this template. Business Model


Enjoy this short comic discovering ideas about sharing while exploring Jean. When do we share, when does it mean something? Wh

Designing to Add Value

Business thrives on added value, but often value add is reviewed as purely monetary gain; the difference between return and in