Value Proposition Canvas

I am a great fan of the Strategyzer’s ‘Value Proposition Canvas’, and I often present it in combination with

Business Model Canvas

On many occasions I have been explaining Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, and to do this in a structured, systematic

MVP – Really going from bike to car?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is defined on Wikipedia as follows: “In product development, the minimum viable pro

James Bond’s 2CV – In papercraft

James Bond's 2CV from the movie 'For Your Eyes Only' in paper craft. Free download.

Trans-Siberian railway

... there is a large kink in the Trans-Siberian Railway because when the tsar (I don't know which tsar it was because I am not

Horizons of innovation

To drive innovation it would be to integrate looking at market and technological capabilities/business models

My first MVP – from sled to car

Although I have argued it to be an unrealistic depiction, I realise that I once may have gone through the exact process of cre

#2 – Iteratively moving forward

Is design thinking is an iterative process? Have a look at the process flow and descriptions here (Interaction-Design Foundati

#1 – About Design thinking….

We never talk about engineering thinking (just engineering) or scientific thinking (at best maybe the scientific method). So w

Inspiration; how are you inspired?

Where’d does inspiration come from? What drives creativity? Invention? How are you inspired? On of my favourite sec

UX Basics

A friend asked if I could perform a UX review of his new software package currently in development, Basics, basically. But sti

Design Thinking & Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas are great tools to be used in the design thinking process. They

Product Design, a Zero-Sum game?

In our digital age, big data, cloud services and the internet of things allows us can do anything, anywhere, anytime. This was

Nurturing product/business ideas

This post collects forms and ideas that I use when pondering product and/or business ideas. See this template. Business Model


Enjoy this short comic discovering ideas about sharing while exploring Jean. When do we share, when does it mean something? Wh